The Most Important Information You’ll Ever Need!

social media distractions


One day recently  I opened my email inbox and was assaulted with information.

“52 ways to do this, that, and the other thing”

“10 secrets you absolutely must know in order to live life”

“Buy my eBook if you want to succeed or if you want to make money or if you want to gain a zillion followers so you can have a fake feeling of importance like me.”

Then I checked my various social media accounts and they were even worse.

Facebook was screaming, “Me, me! Everybody look at me!”

Twitter was like conversing with the Stepford Wives. Robotic automated blasts of information, but no living, breathing person was really even present. It was a ghost town of 140 characters.

And Pinterest was all, “Let’s make stuff and keep busy doing crafty things so we can avoid the real issues of life.”

The bottom line is it all felt so shallow.

I understand that people are trying to make money online. Truly, I do. I fall into that camp somewhat.

But honestly, the amount of information that hit me on this one day, a day like every other, truly felt like an assault by a bunch of strangers.

None of it felt personal.

It all seemed rather self-centered and self-serving.

It was like a bunch of people shouting useless information in my ears.

I’ve lived more than half a century without most of this information so why do I need it now?

Honestly, it made me want to close my eyes, cover my ears, and run and sit before the Lord soaking up the one thing that truly is needful.

His words.

His message.

His truth.

This is the one thing that is needed.

All the rest is a cacophony of noise.

Is it time to step away from the computer and focus on Him? 

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