Do What Flows Like Water

water flowing from a pipe

My life has been one of twists and turns and trying to figure out who I am and what God has called me to do.

Sometimes it’s all so confusing.

But occasionally, I have afternoons like this one.

I sit quietly in my office as soft piano music plays on Pandora

And I type

And the words flow

As do the tears.

And somehow my fingers transform into those of the piano player

Pounding black words on a white screen

And I sway with the melody

As the music pours out of me.

I am transformed.

The words become worship

Each letter draws me closer to Him.

A trickle becomes a flow, a fountain gushing forth.

I am alive with words

With Him

And then I remember: This is who I am, who He made me to be.

I am a writer.

Words flow out of me like running water

So easy, so effortless.

I move out of the way and let Spirit speak.

And I ask you,

What flows effortlessly from within?

What draws you into His presence?

What unites you with your Creator?

That, my friend, is what you were designed to do.

Whatever it may be

It is His gift operating through you.

Be that.

Be all that.


Writing Prompt: Let words flow from a deep place within.


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  1. Beautiful! You certainly do flow.