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Links to Love: Wonderful Writing, Wonderful Reading

Obviously, I’m still recovering from last month’s 31 Days of Getting It Done and haven’t posted much for November. Ironically, I’ve actually gotten more done this month simply because I haven’t been writing 62 blog posts for 2 blogs!

Let me share some links to wonderful words that are far better than anything my scattered mind could piece together right now.

Mary blessed my socks off when I realized she had written a post for each writing prompt in my 31 Days of Getting It Done series. Wow! And she writes so well, like spilling her soul in ink. Love this!

My little writer heart sings when I read these two posts by Mary Clare about how her book about Jesus’ father, Joseph, came to be:

Let God Surprise You

The Idea That Wouldn’t Go Away

A lot of people get discouraged around the holidays, but check out this post about how to encourage the discouraged. It even comes with a journal page! While you’re at it, check out Bonnie’s entire 31 days series Celebrate to Elevate. This is a woman after my own heart!

I’m in love with this idea by Lysa TerKeurst about how to decorate your home in a way that tells your family’s story.  I’ve already gotten started on making it a reality in my own home.

In this post, How Death Teaches You to Make Much of Life, Marian shares as only Marian can about what it’s like when your close friend is dying of cancer. Let me add that I’ve met Marian several times and she is someone that I instantly adored. And she can write like no one else! One day she will be a published author. I know it.

And to end on a happy note, be sure to read Michelle’s poem about what it’s like now that her husband has retired from the military after 20 years of service.

If you want to curl up near a fire and read some good stuff over the holidays, visit my Pinterest board called Worth Reading where I’ve pinned lots of great reads covering a wide array of topics.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Do What Flows Like Water

water flowing from a pipe

My life has been one of twists and turns and trying to figure out who I am and what God has called me to do.

Sometimes it’s all so confusing.

But occasionally, I have afternoons like this one.

I sit quietly in my office as soft piano music plays on Pandora

And I type

And the words flow

As do the tears.

And somehow my fingers transform into those of the piano player

Pounding black words on a white screen

And I sway with the melody

As the music pours out of me.

I am transformed.

The words become worship

Each letter draws me closer to Him.

A trickle becomes a flow, a fountain gushing forth.

I am alive with words

With Him

And then I remember: This is who I am, who He made me to be.

I am a writer.

Words flow out of me like running water

So easy, so effortless.

I move out of the way and let Spirit speak.

And I ask you,

What flows effortlessly from within?

What draws you into His presence?

What unites you with your Creator?

That, my friend, is what you were designed to do.

Whatever it may be

It is His gift operating through you.

Be that.

Be all that.


Writing Prompt: Let words flow from a deep place within.



Action #31 Selah

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