Action #31 Selah

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In the book of Psalms we encounter the term “selah.”

It means pause and reflect.

After 31 days of getting it done,

64 blog posts between this blog and this one,

I just want to selah.


Action #30 Plan Ahead

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Is anybody as excited as I am that this month of getting it done is nearly over????

I’m ready to be done and I’m already looking forward to next month.

Which brings me to today’s topic: planning ahead.

I’m not usually one to make hard and fast plans or detailed plans or even plans at all sometimes. I’m more of a loose, general, give-me-the-big-picture-and-I’ll-work-with-it kind of girl, at least when it comes to goals and scheduling.

I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

In fact, it’s probably why I needed this 31 days of getting it done!

But after this busy month, I’m certainly not going to start making detailed plans now!

This is how I’m making plans for next month:

-Spending time with the Lord each day
-Listening to the impressions I’m hearing in my heart as to what “He” thinks is important for me to focus on
-Writing some general goals for the month

That’s it—my big planning session.

And this is the plan:

Focus on Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and the only holiday when I like to cook.  For some odd reason, probably because I love Thanksgiving, God granted me the ability to cook one heck of a Thanksgiving meal.

And I’m hosting it at my house this year! Yippee!

So I’m finishing up projects I didn’t get to this month if they relate to Thanksgiving, like painting the kitchen table and making a guest room out of my son’s vacated bedroom.

That’s about as detailed as it’s going to get.

What are your plans for next month?

31 Days of Getting It Done!


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